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Promotions are allowed on Client Service Frequencies above 2 times a week 3 Days In Vegas Giveaway 1. The new client may pick anyone (2 or 4 occupancy) to receive 2 nights stay in Las Vegas. 2. The vacation may be scheduled within the 3rd month of service. 3. Vacations are scheduled at World Mark Resorts and are subject to availability. In some seasons, Friday and Saturday nights may not be available. 4. The client may substitute Palm Springs, Big Bear or a number of other resorts, upon availability. 5. To see a full list of Southern California resorts you may go to Worldmarktheclub.com ONE MONTH OF MAID SERVICE. 1. Clients who receive free maid service do not qualify for any other promotion including referral fees. 2. Maid service is defined as one time a week service of one girl coming for 3 hours to do household chores that you define. 3. You may ask the maid to do extra work and decide upon a fair price. The maid service is a separate contractor and receives payment directly from QCS Building Services Inc. as a contractor and not an employee. 4. This service is provided to our new clients to say thank you for taking the time to change to a better cleaning service.
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